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File Noise Complaints

Bothered by plane noise? Or low altitude planes?

If you do not report this regularly, the airport and FAA assumes everything is ok. 

For us to be taken seriously, we need MANY PEOPLE to complain as MANY TIMES possible. 

Option 1 - BEST

 Click above to submit your complaint online with City of Livermore
Note that the flight information is 10 min old so you won't see your flight! - See Option 3 for real-time

Option 2

Call 925-960-8219 and leave a message. This is unreliable, so we ask to please try to do Option 1

Option 3

Email   (use Flightaware or Flightradar42 mobile Apand take a screenshot!)

Great apps for flight tracking (free): Flightaware or Flightradar42


Click here to submit your complaint online with the FAA (Federal Aviation Administration)

Filing Reports with BOTH the Livermore Airport and the FAA for as many incidents you encounter will be the #1 thing you can do for us!  Thank you!

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